#iTHiNKLabs 2023: Episode 281

Cybercrime Treaty, McConnell, Negotiation, Long COVID, Ramaswamy, Ukraine, Trump, M10 Booker, Gabon

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China’s Slowing Economy: Opportunity+Risk ⬆ 2024 COVID Planning: USA, China + Global Travel ▼ Fall 2023✔

Fickle & Shady Musk Wants Your Biometric Data ▼ Twitter Alternatives? Study Objective Assessment Here✔

Study + CAUTION: Diabetes Drug Metformin May Help Reduce Risk Of ▼ Key COVID Survivor Lessons✔

Russia, China; Iran's Impact On ▼ How Ukraine Is Running Its War Like a Startup: Business & Military Insight✔

U.S. Gerontocracy & How Quickly Things Could Go Wrong For The GOP ▼ If Mitch McConnell Suddenly Goes✔

Q2 Privacy Law Update ▼ Like Trump, Don't Waste Time On Political Performance Artist, Vivek Ramaswamy✔

How US Immigration Policies Hurt The Economy ▼ & China Wastes Talent With Working Age 35 'Curse'✔

From Niger To Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali & Now Gabon, Africa Drowns in Corruption ▼ & Dumb Cabal✔

Ominous 14th Amendment Clouds ▼ +Why Donald Trump Has No Chance of Ever Becoming President Again✔

How To Negotiate Like a Pro: Harvard Professor's Pop TV Guide ▼ The M10 Booker: Strategic Purpose✔

Officially ▼ Survival Guide: Pills+ ▼ Vaccination Proof Guide+ ▼ Fighting COVID Stress+ ▼ Face Mask Guide✔

Put simply—like Salman Rushdie's attack—#iTHiNKLabs tells you HOW the world works, keeping you prepared.

Before COVID-19 Era Digital Distraction & Short-Term Pragmatism, iTHiNKLabs was the domain of the aware.

Lack of awareness and self-awareness is the enemy of readiness. The resulting ineptitude leads to disaster.

Individuals, leaders, and nations become losers by majoring in minor things, while Chinese maintain clarity.

Such proactiveness, fierce strategic competitiveness, opportunism; fleeing regimes like China's EARLY, to

avoid entrapment in a Biden-Afghanistan-like mess, or “doomed” Ukrainian Flight PS752 is our domain.

Building a “strong body of knowledge” is your best defense against costly mistakes in all endeavors.

Be they murdered lottery winners, #MowzeyRadio, or duped African expats returning home broke,

#iTHiNKLabs puts useful, prescient & strategic content, often skipped as irrelevant, till disaster

strikes at your fingertips. Your loved ones may be shot, your business hacked or like Africans

wandering straight into Libyan & Russian slavery, people suffer for not connecting the dots.

Although they often think they are informed, many people live in a filter bubble. And then

when disaster strikes them personally, their loved ones, business or even their country,

they wonder how come they weren't warned. #iTHiNKLabs readers are much smarter

as they mitigate risk, bolster decision-making, avoid bad decisions, going from one

good decision/move to another more prepared than the competition. For optimal

experience, we recommend using the Brave browser or Firefox as second best

alternative, to avoid cookie and page loading issues. If access is an issue try

the listed resource here#iTHiNKLabs is a strategic advisory published on

weekends. The more multidimensional or strategic one's experience and

mindset, the more useful one finds an episode. Consulting takes place

behind the scenes. Part of the wider #iTHiNKLabs Research Project

covering the waterfront, from business & startups, to risk, security,

tech, science, career/relationship success, geopolitics, health &

more, curated high quality content or data help strategists to

fill gaps in strategic acumen to enlighten the reader. In the

age of the brain hack, indulging doesn't make one wired.

People blame politicians/firms when upon closer look,

in fact, their social media, tech, nonfiction or fiction,

local, Trump or faux news fixation & readership is

dangerously rendering them ignorant. Often, 1-

dimensional; hence devoid of clarity in major

decision-making. #iTHiNKLabs cuts noise

to serve high quality, fact-based content

from a pragmatist and strategist that

forewarns, prepares and helps one

mitigate risks, avoid fatalities &

enhance one's quality of life—

or business while elevating

leadership  acumen. For


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