#iTHiNKLabs 2023: Episode 268

AI, Ukraine, Security, ChatGPT, Taiwan, Smartphones, China, Keto, Deterrence, BRICS, Musk, Russia, TikTok

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Artificial Intelligence Poses a Human Extinction Risk ▼ Due To Indecisive Leadership ⬆ Smart Person's Guide✔

Why Hasn’t Ukraine War Tamed China’s Taiwan Ambition? Weak US Deterrence ▼ Like Chasing CCP For Talks✔

China’s Answer To Boeing & Airbus NOT ‘Homegrown’ ▼ Building Comac C919 Involved 'Lotta Hacking✔

ChatGPT Scams ▼ Weak Deterrence Cost/Lesson: How B4 Pearl Harbor Japan Sank The USS Panay in China✔

10 Prompts That Impress +Save Time ▼ China's Bronze Silhouette/Volt Typhoon Targets US Gov't & Defense✔

Cyber Deterrence is Dead! Long Live Integrated Deterrence! ▼ 7 Myths About The Keto Diet You Should Ditch✔

The Myth of Multipolarity: American Power's Staying Power ▼ Versus Overcoming The Axis Of Tyranny✔

Censorship & Algorithm Tricks On Musk's Twitter ▼ Smart Parents/Guardians DENY Kids Smartphones✔

Interesting Ukrainian Counteroffensive ▼ To End De-Dollarization Hype: Larry Summers in Episode 262 + This✔

More Reasons Only Suckers Use TikTok ▼ BRICS Can't Displace US Dominance & Even Autocrats Know✔

Officially ▼ Survival Guide: Pills+ ▼ Vaccination Proof Guide+ ▼ Fighting COVID Stress+ ▼ Face Mask Guide✔

Put simply—like Salman Rushdie's attack—#iTHiNKLabs tells you HOW the world works, keeping you prepared.

Before COVID-19 Era Digital Distraction & Short-Term Pragmatism, iTHiNKLabs was the domain of the aware.

Lack of awareness and self-awareness is the enemy of readiness. The resulting ineptitude leads to disaster.

Individuals, leaders, and nations become losers by majoring in minor things, while Chinese maintain clarity.

Such proactiveness, fierce strategic competitiveness, opportunism; fleeing regimes like China's EARLY, to

avoid entrapment in a Biden-Afghanistan-like mess, or “doomed” Ukrainian Flight PS752 is our domain.

Building a “strong body of knowledge” is your best defense against costly mistakes in all endeavors.

Be they murdered lottery winners, #MowzeyRadio, or duped African expats returning home broke,

#iTHiNKLabs puts useful, prescient & strategic content, often skipped as irrelevant, till disaster

strikes at your fingertips. Your loved ones may be shot, your business hacked or like Africans

wandering straight into Libyan & Russian slavery, people suffer for not connecting the dots.

Although they often think they are informed, many people live in a filter bubble. And then

when disaster strikes them personally, their loved ones, business or even their country,

they ask how come no one warned them. iTHiNKLabs readers are smarter than that.

Because they mitigate risk, bolster decision-making, avoid bad decisions; go from

one good choice or move to another, and enjoy life by opting to stay informed.

Delivered once a week, the iTHiNKLabs newsletter was for years exclusively

emailed to prominent contacts and intellectually curious global friends —

privately on weekends. Part of the wider iTHiNKLabs Research Project

covering the waterfront—from Business and Startups, Risk, Security,

Tech, Science, Career/Relationship Success, Geopolitics, Health &

more, curated high quality content/data helps strategic thinkers

fill gaps in strategic acumen, enlightening the readers. In the

age of the brain hack, indulging does not make one wired.

Folks blame politicians or firms when upon closer look,

in fact their Social Media, Tech, nonfiction or fiction,

local, Trump or faux news fixation or readership is

dangerously rendering them ignorant. Often, 1-

dimensional; hence devoid of clarity in major

decision-making. #iTHiNKLabs cuts noise

to serve high quality, fact-based content

from a pragmatist and strategist that

forewarns, prepares and helps one

mitigate risks, avoid fatalities &

enhance their quality of life—

or business while elevating

leadership acumen. For

consultation, use this

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