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Sometimes constructive criticism is well-deserved.

But there are times when disagreeable, notoriously risk-averse, pessimistic, opportunity-squandering mediocre types catastrophize a situation they could have avoided simply by being less self-absorbed and more genuinely committed to responsibly playing an active role in resolving.

These are often the same people who completely ignore warnings, trivialize others' misfortune, or shift blame as the consequence(s) of their ineptitude or cavalier ways emerge costly, ugly, and/or, deadly.

At the time of writing, and with over 86,000 deaths, Donald Trump's COVID-19 response, sadly, offers one such example. But often, such critics who have no business criticizing to begin with, may be friends, colleagues, or relatives.

In most cases, not reacting to them at all is the best response.Easier said than done. Yes. But for our purposes, there are two main types of clueless critics:

Toxic clueless critics


Well-meaning clueless critics

The reason both sides belong to the same coin is that from a time management/problem management perspective they bring a high level of time-consuming ignorance to critical, time-sensitive issues and facts, often lacking strong capacity for ambiguity and complexity.  

So, assuming objectively speaking, you're the one or the side out there moving heaven and earth against all odds with little to no help, if ever you're unable to, and feel you must respond, below are 7 recommended, one-time hyperlinked responses I have personally used to straighten clueless critics out:If you're going to pass judgment especially on others' success or failure, first EVOLVE.

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Clueless critics are not evolved. They lack self-awareness. And it shows.

Your ultimate goal should be elevated self-awareness. Because:Clueless critics do not understand that there's such a thing as failing wisely.

Success is often more complicated than it is made it out to be. So while parents for example presumably have a right to criticize their children, the more important question is: How fully are they supporting those children?

Is the level of their individual pursuit commensurate with their Advanced Personal Leadership such that they have the tools to stay on track no matter what hurdles, failures and adversity they encounter?

Too often, it is leaders, parents, guardians, colleagues and friends who don't know better and more specifically, aren't evolved that destructively criticize risk-takers the most, — all while failing to seize every opportunity to support the very ones they criticize. Recognition of effort, intelligence and the drive to be epic is a sign of an evolved mind.

Conventional, mediocre minds (click/tap feature image) equate greatness with the superficial. Titles, ostentatious appearances, expensive cars, private jets, wealth, frequently appearing on TV, etc.

With such a mindset comes prejudice, meanness, and a patronizing attitude toward those who don't appear to be influential or have power. And you know you're in the presence of a clueless critic when you see and hear nothing but negativity and discouragement.

Being advanced enough to see greatness in upstanding individuals and in particular, those daring to be epic, they treat everyone with dignity. They don't hate or gossip, but support and cheer you on.Nobody is truly a loved one, teacher or leader unless they dare greatly with you.

But of course, clueless critics don't know that.

Steer clear of the company of petty, unprofessional people. And try to detect such bosses early.

Small-minded, average people see big thinkers and dreamers as a threat. And quickly recognizing them as the pint-sized people as the conniving underachievers they truly are despite any veil they wear, will save you precious time, energy, and costly or unintelligent failure.

Underachievers, irresponsible people, and clueless critics alike play the “you're always discouraging me” card quite well, particularly when around assertive, demanding next-level performers and leaders. Never conflate negativity with leadership.

Genuine leaders want you to be great. Even epic. Iconic, if not legendary.

Misunderstood or not, they are too evolved to have time for negativity, sabotage or suppression of your big dreams.Clueless critics assume survival is academic and generic; Experts have all the answers.

Ignorance easily makes clueless critics of people who overcome hardships. Fight that.

Too many journalists today assume “experts” have all the answers. So they solicit advice or help while explicitly turning away those in the arena with more relevant insight, often by saying something to the effect of:

“Unless you live [here or there] and hold [this or that certificate, degree, credential], are backed by this or that personality, organization, was published by this or that media outlet or publisher; or, are well-known on TV, radio, etc., we don't want to hear from you.” Preposterous and stupid, as:So what do winners do? They leave them to keep serving their audience insularity and ignorance. In fact, this is one of the best-kept secrets of life:

Wherever clueless critics — whether in the form of unimaginative gatekeepers, journalists, negligent staff, or self-absorbed voters — keep outliers with solutions to society's problems suppressed, large scale suffering is almost certainly always the price.

Hence the legend of ophthalmologist and COVID-19 whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang (Click/tap image) the COVID-19 pandemic.

But speaking of suffering and ruined lives, as argued in Keys To Valor in a Pandemic (click or tap image above), all suffering isn't equal.

Whatever the details of your previous adversity or current hardships, never assume that just because YOU made it, it follows that everyone else should be able to, or can.

Only lazy thinkers are that dismissive, generalize, and/or trivialize.

Whatever an former Navy SEAL tells you, you're going to need more than air to survive in many hostile terrains. And whatever, Morgan Freeman says about his tough background and how far he's come, deserts aside, some corners of the world still don't have running anything, let alone buses. Which is why it is ignorant to joke that: “Man, the bus runs every day.”  

You don't hear respectable people arrogantly rebutting COVID-19 social distancing disparity because while it's easy for privileged people to wax eloquent on Youtube motivation videos about “excuses” poor or unsuccessful make while conveniently forgetting or overlooking one's privileged background, nationality (with all the benefits an EU, Japanese, Kiwi passport etc.), the fact of 20 or more people confined to a small room in a pandemic is not academic.Like ISIS, the Taliban is not known for building and innovating. Neither are clueless critics.

It is easy to go from critiquing to becoming a toxic clueless critic.

But most innovators, builders, creators of high quality content will tell you they refrain from the latter because they know how much work goes into any meaningful work or attempt to make a difference.

To make the leap from useless clueless critic to solution provider, encourager, innovator/builder, start investing your energy, time and effort in performance and furtherance of works that better humanity.If your act, is not self-serving gimmickry, the process alone will grow and evolve you.

In the meantime, begin your retreat from clueless criticism towards valor and true leadership.

Leave clueless critics alone.

Whether they are toxic gatekeepers who lack the imagination to appreciate what you bring to the table or not, remember what Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Remember that whenever it's professionally, strategically and not in any delusional way obvious you're THE ONE to hire, yet the managers, gatekeepers and decision-makers go for lower quality.

Then remember what William Bernbach also said about them: “An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” And every dedicated builder, innovator achiever knows that for a fact.

Clueless critics don't hold the keys to your destiny. They only specialize in saying No. And like haters, they all come to pass. Here to day, gone tomorrow.

They mean nothing to anyone who has the eyes on the prize and are positively, quietly, persistently doing all the right things.

So, get in the arena. And fight for a far better, more secure and free tomorrow.

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