The Creative Process of Professionals: From Art to Entrepreneurship II

How To Make Ideas Happen (Part 2)

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When it comes to art, the cockier one is the harder it is for them to be prolific & consistent

in generating truly useful, classyremarkable ideas, Art/Quality Content, à la Marie Forleo.

From Malcolm Gladwell's confounded critics to Seth Godin, Steven PressfieldBugatti, and

Audithe beautiful ideas that create all the buzz tend to originate from those with the clearest

heads. “Busy people focus on action. Productive people focus on clarity BEFORE action.”

Continuing, Connor Neil argues: “Busy people multitask. Productive people FOCUS. Busy

people want other people to be busy. Productive people want others to be EFFECTIVE.

There are 3 choices when you first review your email inbox:  Delete, Do, Defer.  Busy

people they will change. Productive people are making...changes.”  No

Resistance. No Lizard Brain: “[The] voice in the back of [people's] head [wanting

you] to back off, be careful, go slow, compromise. The Muse,  says Pressfield,

is the lazy/unmotivated person's ultimate indefatigable, malignant tough task

goddess. She rewards good motives, focus, commitment, follow through and

creative persistence! Like all Olympian gods, The Muse absolutely detests

pride, —pride that seeks to steal, and kill Curiosity, Creativity, Dreams,

Passion, Progress, RhythmFlow & Receptivity to good ideas. Trolling

innovators, artists and self-entitled cockiness, The Muse hates. Says

Pressfield: Arrogance, Narcissism & Pettiness, don't make ideas. In

a world rife with Noise & Resistance, a professional appreciates

that: “We must do our work for its own sake, NOT FOR fortune

or applause.  The amateur believes he must first overcome

his fear ... but The professional knows ... fear can never

be overcome.  He knows ... no such thing as a fearless

warrior or dread-free artist.” The Amateur does not

know  that.  “The Amateur plays part-time, the
Professional,  full-time”. The Amateur is yet to

discover and fine-tune a purpose for his art.

The Professional hustles and grinds daily —

he declines shoddy work. And that is why

True Professionals and Creatives, like

Tom Ford or Malcolm Gladwell are

humble in their approach. Real

mavens in love, with impact

& innovation. So Will.I.Am

has a solution for anyone

looking past amateurs+

loud weekend types:

Vision vs. Division.

Choose wisely &


execute ALL

your ideas

as a pro!

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